Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello Hello

This is my first blog ever. I thought it's easy to write a blog. But it is not. Or at least it's not easy for me. Somehow it needs a little effort and we need to know exactly what are we going to publish, and to what extent. But I managed to get my first post done tonight. Credits to myself:-)

So today nothing much happen. i managed to complete my work allocated to me for this particular client at Bukit Jelutong. I just need to follow up on some stuff tomorrow. Hope to get it all done before Friday and after that I'm off to another client.

Sometimes i think that being an auditor is an interesting job. I get to deal with different clients throughout the year and at different place, different environment. Thankfully since I've started 8 month ago (time flies i feel like i've just started working!!), my clients so far are all okay. By okay i mean its not difficult to get documents, and they are can easily cooperate with me. And they are also know what they are doing, so they can explain to me straight away about my queries without delaying and add up my waiting time (which is ineffecient time). I've heard some of my colleagues complaining about their lousy client. Hopefully mine will be better next time. Just hope for the best, we can never predict what will happen next.

Cheers everyone.