Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's 2011 already!

Blog ini sudah berhabuk setebal 3 inci and sudah bersarang labah-labah!
Okay it's time to clean up. So it's been 1 year 5 months since i last updated my blog. Many things happen during the long break. Got married, have a daughter, changed my job..and I am loving my life more than ever!
I don't want to talk much about marriage because everybody has their own definition of the real marriage. I know some people who don't really believe in marriage, some thinks that marriage is just on a piece of paper and for them, only love matters.But there are some that believe marriage is something that is pure connection that can only touches the heart of the believers. Well, yea it's up to your definition though. And for me, I do believe in marriage. And I come accross this quotation in one page (a friend of mine) , " Love is not about to find someone who you can live with, but it is about finding someone who you cannot live without". I love this quote!
And now i want to talk about babies. Yes i love babies! Especially newborn babies. They are just simply adorable. And the fact that now i have a 10-month-old daughter, i love babies even more. My husband and I name her Syasya Irdina. Syasya mean glowing (it means berseri-seri in Malay, I'm not sure glowing is the right translation) meanwhile Irdina means our pride and blessing. So when combined, it like " berseri- seri keberkatan dan maruah kami". And yes she is our pride. I will brag about her in the coming post! Of course I will. :-)
But thinking of babies, when will you know you are ready to have one. And how will you know that you will be a good parent? well you dont until you have one. You will never be ready and you will never know whether you will be a great parent or not because parenting is like a hands-on experience. And we all will be self-trained experts. You can read many books or learn from others' experience but there is no one correct way in raising a child. And every child is different. I mean their development, be it in skills or in behaviour. Just raise you child in a way that you think is the best for them, do not take advice blindly even from other that have the experience of raising, says 5 kids, because their kids and yours are different person. You know you child better that anyone else. That is what i learn from my experience. It works for me. Babies are like foreigners, they come withoit any manual for us to refer to, they don't speak our language, they don't understand our language, but they are fast learners. You will be amazed with what they are learning from us and what they can do especially in the first few years (well, i almost completed the first year and i am amazed already).
And yes, it has been a great year for me and i hope it has been great for yours, too!
Have a great year ahead. (2010 really flies, well at least for me).
So, see you in the next post. Have a great day! :-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

nobody says it's gonna be easy...

Everyday is the new day. With new hope. And new wishes. And perhaps a new me. But have you ever thought that today may be your last day? And you can never have a chance to wake up to see another day? Its scary to think but it will definitely comes the day when you know its too late. And we will never know when it will happen. Just live your life, give the best and be happy. Do not expect much because the more you expect, the more it will hurt.

Never regret of what you have done as it is actually gave u a lesson in life. But yea for sure the grass is greener on the other side. We always see the person next to us have everything in life, never have to work hard to achieve their dreams as it can come easily and never have to learn a painful lesson in life. Its worse if the person have everything we wished we had. But humans are humans. We never satisfy in everything that we have. We always wanted more. We always wanted what other people had. And sometimes how we wished that we could be the another person. But to think of it, even if we think our life sucks, there is always another person in the world who wish they could lead our life, and to be us. It's like the circle. And its what human are.

Life is hard. Nobody says it will be easy. But it depends on how we see the world. And how we see ourself in the world. Dont afraid to try new thing nad never regret of what you have done. Be happy, be part of the world, be positive, and live life.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello Hello

This is my first blog ever. I thought it's easy to write a blog. But it is not. Or at least it's not easy for me. Somehow it needs a little effort and we need to know exactly what are we going to publish, and to what extent. But I managed to get my first post done tonight. Credits to myself:-)

So today nothing much happen. i managed to complete my work allocated to me for this particular client at Bukit Jelutong. I just need to follow up on some stuff tomorrow. Hope to get it all done before Friday and after that I'm off to another client.

Sometimes i think that being an auditor is an interesting job. I get to deal with different clients throughout the year and at different place, different environment. Thankfully since I've started 8 month ago (time flies i feel like i've just started working!!), my clients so far are all okay. By okay i mean its not difficult to get documents, and they are can easily cooperate with me. And they are also know what they are doing, so they can explain to me straight away about my queries without delaying and add up my waiting time (which is ineffecient time). I've heard some of my colleagues complaining about their lousy client. Hopefully mine will be better next time. Just hope for the best, we can never predict what will happen next.

Cheers everyone.

Friday, January 30, 2009

First Impression

Can we rely on first impression? But people usually did judge people the first time they met.
And during interviews, we are taught to be presentable and nice and good and excellent in front of interviewer that we met on the first time. Sometimes being in a job interview makes me feel like i have to be someone else that is soo perfect and willing to do anything to get a job. And i think everybody does it, unless he/she is soo perfect (which i think nobody is).

Honestly, i used to believe in first impression. I always judged people on how they present themselves the first time i met them. But now for me, the first impression is always wrong. I dunno why but everytime i judged people the first time i met them, they usually turn out to be the opposite.

It could be that the first time we met them, there is something else going on in their mind and they actually did not think much of us. Or maybe we just judged them without even knowing them. Like the saying goes, 'if you judge people, you have no time to love them'. It is very true indeed. If we only focus on judging them, we have no time to know and eventually love them and have them in our life. And we will never know what a person or even a stranger could bring to our life.

Another thing is, people changed. Who we are will never change, but what we are will never stop changing. You can be a kind-hearted today but you can changed to be the opposite the very next day, maybe because of something that happened that you will never forget. We will never know. Anything can happen.So just be prepared on where your life could lead you. You will never know.

" Yesterday is the history, today is a gift. That is why it is called a present"