Friday, January 30, 2009

First Impression

Can we rely on first impression? But people usually did judge people the first time they met.
And during interviews, we are taught to be presentable and nice and good and excellent in front of interviewer that we met on the first time. Sometimes being in a job interview makes me feel like i have to be someone else that is soo perfect and willing to do anything to get a job. And i think everybody does it, unless he/she is soo perfect (which i think nobody is).

Honestly, i used to believe in first impression. I always judged people on how they present themselves the first time i met them. But now for me, the first impression is always wrong. I dunno why but everytime i judged people the first time i met them, they usually turn out to be the opposite.

It could be that the first time we met them, there is something else going on in their mind and they actually did not think much of us. Or maybe we just judged them without even knowing them. Like the saying goes, 'if you judge people, you have no time to love them'. It is very true indeed. If we only focus on judging them, we have no time to know and eventually love them and have them in our life. And we will never know what a person or even a stranger could bring to our life.

Another thing is, people changed. Who we are will never change, but what we are will never stop changing. You can be a kind-hearted today but you can changed to be the opposite the very next day, maybe because of something that happened that you will never forget. We will never know. Anything can happen.So just be prepared on where your life could lead you. You will never know.

" Yesterday is the history, today is a gift. That is why it is called a present"


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