Wednesday, October 28, 2009

nobody says it's gonna be easy...

Everyday is the new day. With new hope. And new wishes. And perhaps a new me. But have you ever thought that today may be your last day? And you can never have a chance to wake up to see another day? Its scary to think but it will definitely comes the day when you know its too late. And we will never know when it will happen. Just live your life, give the best and be happy. Do not expect much because the more you expect, the more it will hurt.

Never regret of what you have done as it is actually gave u a lesson in life. But yea for sure the grass is greener on the other side. We always see the person next to us have everything in life, never have to work hard to achieve their dreams as it can come easily and never have to learn a painful lesson in life. Its worse if the person have everything we wished we had. But humans are humans. We never satisfy in everything that we have. We always wanted more. We always wanted what other people had. And sometimes how we wished that we could be the another person. But to think of it, even if we think our life sucks, there is always another person in the world who wish they could lead our life, and to be us. It's like the circle. And its what human are.

Life is hard. Nobody says it will be easy. But it depends on how we see the world. And how we see ourself in the world. Dont afraid to try new thing nad never regret of what you have done. Be happy, be part of the world, be positive, and live life.


  1.'s tough..very tough..macam malek noor..
    o0o0 ada blog..sila update slalu..aku link blog ni dlm blog aku..jangan hampakan aku k haha

  2. hahaha. live life to the fullest. nothing else matters. be prudent is good, but do not let it spoils the fun. heh